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"I would highly recommend him as a speaker for your school and I want you to know that he was great to work with and the students K through 12 thought it was great to have such an awesome athlete and young man come to our school and talk so down to earth and caring to them. Tyler is an outstanding role model for kids and it was exhilarating to have him at our school for the day."

Mary Pat Fawcett, RN BSN MS
Guidance Counselor

"My son had a blast!!"

Niki Desouza

"The camp was great! Boys loved it! Great value!"

Dawn Palmer Jirsa

"Carter loved it!!"

Stacy Feerick-Allen

"Our son had a blast and he can’t wait for the next one! Thank you!"

Brianna Grav

"Thought they did an awesome job. Kids were always moving and doing different things"

Neil King

"Our son had a lot of fun!"

Laisa Dekker

"My son loved it! Thanks for a great job"

Kari Carroll

"It’s was great!!! Kids were all entertained and busy having fun!!!"

Nikki Droz Jones